Why Competitive Programming?

Importance of Competitive Programming

Competitive Programming is solving a well-defined problem by writing computer code in any programming language. It is a mind sport where you fight to get AC i.e Accepted. It’s crazy and it’s for those who are passionate about this craze. Why Competitive Programming is so important?

Ethical Hacking

About Ethical Hacking

Some Important terms in Ethical Hacking 1.Authorization: The organization gives official permission to access something or do something with the network or application. For example, suppose an organization XYZ gives you permission to access the admin panel and to make changes for the organization.

5 Mistakes That Every Engineering Student Must Avoid

Yes, this is the harsh truth that Lakhs of engineers are unemployed and either they are depressed or trying to sustain their life anyhow from other resources. For most of the students, the reason is very simple and that is… mistakes they have made during their college period....