(Social IT Awareness Campaign)


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let's experience the new things while logically shifting the world.

Social IT Awareness Campaign is a social event conducted by ACSES every year for inculcating basic computer knowledge. SITAC thereby helps students to cope up with increasing digitization by imbibing them with basic computer skills and multi operational skills that are necessary for todays generation. It is conducted free of cost and without any notion of profit and focusses purely on development.

SITAC has changed perspective of students

SITAC has changed perspective of students in terms of using computer and helped them grow towards and with the digitization. Our very own club has received many positive feedbacks from the students we had visited previously and they want us to organize more number of events in same respect. Thereby SITAC has definitely implanted the seed of computer knowledge that has been growing with full support of all the students and teachers.
It has also led to increase in the knowledge of Digital India scheme launched by our respected Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi and has received an overwhelming response with support of Municipal Corporation of Sangli and Walchand College of Engineering.
Many schools have thereby started a mandatory course of computer in their schools. Hence, SITAC has not only changed perspective of students but also other people who are now travelling parallel with digitized India.